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Major repairs are usually caused by a couple of things. The first is usually machines that have been taken apart several months, or even years earlier, by a good friend or family member who well intended to repair the machine. When it became evident that parts were not available or the problem was to difficult to repair, the would be repairman left the machine in a box or on the work bench for months, if not years, allowing parts to become misplaced or damaged. This type of repair usually surfaces when an old friend or family member passes away and the friend or relative becomes blessed with the "old phonograph." 

The second is the phonograph that has been stored in some old chicken house, barn, garage, or shed for the past 20 or 40 years and the roof was not watertight. Rust is a big factor in the proper operation of phonographs. This rust can often be removed or the part can be replaced with a proper one. Damaged woodwork can also be repaired or replaced and can usually be done locally, by a variety of good local furniture craftsmen. 

Whatever your needs are, I will be more than happy to assist you with the repair, and help to return your old phonograph to it's original youthful self.

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