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The first type is the standard 78 rpm record player that uses a steel needle to reproduce the sound that has been recorded, in grooves, on most flat disc records. (Note: you can not play a Edison disc record on any standard 78 rpm phonograph, as the steel needle will tear it up.) 
The second type is the Edison Diamond Disc phonograph that uses a diamond point to reproduce the sound recorded on a “very thick” 80 rpm flat disc record. (Note: you can not play a standard 78 rpm record on a Edison Diamond Disc machine, as the diamond chip will chew up the 78 record.) 
The third is either a Edison or a Columbia cylinder phonograph that plays records, similar in shape, to a empty toilet paper roll. It uses a tiny jewel or glass like tip to reproduce the sound from the grooves in the cylinder roll. 
Phonographs, that use a steel needle, will need to have their needle changed every three records or less, to enjoy good clear music. 

Edison Diamond Disc and cylinder phonographs have “long lasting” jewel or glass-like tips that will usually play thousands of records. If your reproducer does not play, it may be worn or the jewel may have become chipped or dislodged.

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